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As many of you know, my husband Shawn and I are expecting our 2nd child in July. We are blessed to have our 3-year-old Gavin and are thrilled about this joyous addition to our family. A change as big as this one has lead to much soul searching and discussion, and that is why I am reaching out to you today.  Our family has decided that it is in our best long-term interest for me to transition from splitting my time between being a business owner and Mom to a full time Mom this June. This decision is not an easy one.  My business was my first baby and my clients have become like family.  However, this is where my heart is leading me and what Shawn and I have envisioned for our family for some time now.  We never knew if it would be possible for us but God has blessed our family and we feel given us this opportunity. Shawn is working two busy and successful jobs that he loves and it is requiring more and more of his time.  Given this opportunity for me to stay home, he will have more flexibility and time to focus and continue his success. I am so happy for him!

I have worked so hard the past 10 years and really have had so much fun perfecting my trade.  However, the very hardest part of this decision truly is saying goodbye to all of you…my loyal clients! Not only are you my clients but many of you have become friends through the years, sharing life’s ups and downs in the treatment room.  You have trusted me with your skin, your eyebrows and your secrets.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting and supporting me.

So what is the plan for all of you now? I have found a wonderful esthetician for you.  Meet Ann Slanga.

I am so excited to stay home with our kids. It is what I imagined myself doing since I was a kid myself! This time, as everyone says, goes by in a blink and I want to soak up every moment that I can.  There is so much emotion in saying goodbye to all of you. I can’t begin to thank you all enough. No matter if I saw you every 4 weeks or just a few times a year, each and every one of you has been the reason for my success. THANK YOU!

The plan is for me to be done at the end of May*. Even though I know this letter will bring disappointment to you I kindly ask for your support during the next few months.


*Please note that outstanding gift certificates will be honored through May 27, 2015.



The Skin and Brow Girl

The Skin and Brow Girl

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